Artificial Intelligence Photovoltaic Analyser

Tomorrow your power plant can produce more than today!


Using the application

  • artifical intelligence automatically recognizes various types of malfunctions and operating states on photovoltaic power plants
  • evaluates the operation of the power plant in the long run
  • generates a clear and detailed output of the power plant
  • interactive section displays detailed graphical information about each inverter or string

What is Artificial Intelligence

  • a professional consultant trained to recognize various malfunctions on hundreds of thousands of examples
  • recognizes defects based on its experience
  • more powerful and faster then a man
  • recognizes defects even in a incomplete or noisy data
  • can learn new things


  • uses artifical intelligence – neural network
  • processes a huge ammount of data from large power plants in a short time
  • automatically finds a number of faults
  • offers service personnel specific maintenance and repair requests


  • works under the Linux operating system (we can supply the computer)
  • can be connected to your existing database
  • it may be necessary to develop a bridge into your database
  • works best on large power plants with dozens of inverters or strings
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License to use the software is provided for one year. The price is based on the number of devices, the price per device per year is 24 CZK, minimum number of billed devices is 100. The minimum annual license price is 2 400 CZK. For more information, please contact us.